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Past Questions

  1. furiousgreencloud says:

    if you get:

    “error: ‘MatrixNet’ does not name a type In function ‘void setup()’: In function ‘void loop()’:”

    You forgot to set the:

    Tools > Board > Displayduino 644

    • Morgan says:

      You must always remember to include the MatrixNet libraries and begin MatrixNet in the setup.

      MatrixNet myMatrix;

      void setup()
      void loop()

  2. WanaGo says:

    Hi – Just wondering about Arduino 0018 Support for this product. Is the software download going to be updated anytime soon?
    Is the current revision compatible with 0018 if I just copy the relevant folders over into the new structure of 0018?

    (Posted this in the Main Controller section too by mistake, sorry.)


    • Randy Glenn says:


      The current version should be compatible with 0018 if you copy the relevant folders into the new structure, yes, but I haven’t tested it myself. It’s definitely on the to-do list to get 0018 working nicely – the target for that is in the next week or two.



      • kminder says:

        I have a few different Arduino style boards now and it would be useful to use one software stack. The Arduino software is at 22 now and Displayduino is still shipping with 17c. Can you be more specific about what might need to be copied? I tried copying from Displayduino (ie {DD}) to Arduino (ie {AD}) as shown below and this didn’t seem to work even after a restart of the IDE. Can you provide a list of the folders/files you think are necessary to copy?

        {DD}/hardware/cores/displayduino to

        {DD}/hardware/bootloaders/displayduino644 to

        {DD}/hardware/bootloaders/displayduino324 to

  3. luxor says:

    I found this cool web project.
    Maybe you could be integrated board and your libraries then there may even people without much knowledge of software work with mondomatrix.

  4. sammyp says:

    HI all,

    I have the servomatrix for a project using 103 servos with very specific timing instructions. Many people have suggested using PWM to control the servos because i have thousands of commands but mondomatrix does not support PWM. Will I need to use another method to control the timing of lot of servos using the servomatrix?


  5. Tom says:

    I am trying to use Max/MSP to control displayduino and LEDmatrix but cannot find a patch/messaging system that works specifically with the Displayduino. Is there anything I can do to use Max/MSP to control it?

  6. stephanschulz says:

    is there any chance to see the serial code you are using to communicated to the expansion boards?
    I would like to connect and LED matrix directly to a computer use a usb to serial to rs 485 adapter.


    • Morgan says:

      Hi Stephan,

      This might be hard because the chip we use has more memory and speed. We don’t really support other connections though if you get that rolling we would love to share it with others.

  7. Morgan says:

    the example we have build uses Quartz Composer. We have it working well in that example – but we have only done demos with it and it would have to be cleaned up if we were to post it on the site. It is possible. If you end up in a rut let us know and we will see what we can do.