MondoMatrix Hardware Information


The MondoMatrix platform is comprised of a main controller (Displayduino) and many optional sub-boards also called expansion boards. The main controller is able to send instructions to the sub boards that specialize in controlling LEDs, Servos, Sounds and other electrical devices.

The MondoMatrix uses a single wire RS485 network to connect all of the modular expansion boards to the main controller. This way, a LEDMatrix, ServoMatrix and any other matrix that MondoMatrix develops, can be placed on the same network together and can be controlled by one main Displayduino Controller.


The LEDMatrix is a MondoMatrix expansion board that can control up to 64 tri-color RGB (4pin) LEDs. The board can also be used to control 192 individual LEDs. Each LED can be controlled to have a degree of luminance between 0 and 255. This means that you can have one tri-color RGB LED (per ‘port’) that has color values between 0 and 255 for each of the three colors. Using color codes, you can then make a huge variety of colors using RGB color values.

You can also have three individual LED’s on each ‘port’ that can have a luminance value in the range of 0 (all the way off) to 255 (all the way on). The LED matrix has a separate power port for the board itself and the LEDs. This means that you can use a wide range of LEDs. It also protects the board from power related events that can harm the controllers.


PowerMatrix is a MondoMatrix expansion board that can control up to 32 ‘ports’ for any electrical device. PowerMatrix is one of the most versatile MondoMatrix boards. The PowerMatrix can control bells, buzzers, lamps, relay switches, lights, motors, LEDs, actuators, heaters and any other output electrical device operating in the range between 0 and 12 volts. This means that you can program the Displayduino to send commands to the PowerMatrix giving separate instructions controlling the amount of power that each port on a PowerMatrix receives.

PowerMatrix basically controls power and each port can operate on an independent range. The PowerMatrix board has separate power outlets for the board and the ports. This allows for safe operation or a variety of devices independent of thepower supply for the PowerMatrix board controller.


ServoMatrix is a MondoMatrix expansion board that can control up to 64 Servo Motors. Each servo can have positions between 0 and just over 200. One of the most powerful features of ServoMatrix is that you can have up to 8 different kinds of servos controlled by a single board. The reason is that each row of eight servos has an independent power port. All of the power servo ports can be connected to one power source or each row of eight servos can have independent power sources. This allows for independent control of a variety of servos all from one controller. If you were building a robot for example, this would be beneficial as some small servos would use less power and some larger servos would need more power etc. The ServoMatrix board also has its own power source protecting the board from power related events that can damage the controllers.

Arduino Adapter

Displayduino Shields fit right on top of any Displayduino main controller and stil leave the inputs and outputs (screw terminals) free for use. This is the Arduino Shield Adapter. It allows Displayduino users to take advantage of the ever expanding Arduino Shields by simply plugging them in. Using the Arduino Shield Adapter is easy and with a few simple configurations MondoMatrix users can take advantage of both the MondoMatrix expandable platform but also the broad range of Arduino Shields.

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